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Paragliding starts in Chandragiri, find the cost per flight

Paragliding has started in Chandragiri, a top tourist destination resting near Kathmandu also known as the Hill Station. Babu Adventures, a company owned by Sanubabu Sunuwar who happens to be Nepal’s first high-altitude paragliding has brought the adventurous aerial sport.  

As per Sunuwar, the paragliding flight will start from Chandragiri Hill, 20 minutes west of Bhaleshwar temple. The flight starts from Chandragiri at 2,300 meters and from there reaches a height of 100 meters up in the sky. Sunuwar who tamed Mt. Everest and took his paragliding trip from the top of the world then continued by paraglider to Kayak and bike to reach sea level in Bangladesh was awarded the “Adventurers of the Year- 2012” by National Geography. The historical cross-country flight stretched over 20 km.

Landing is done at Chitlang, which is 1,700 meters above sea level, amid the amazing scenery.

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Attractions in the nature

During the paragliding flight, one can observe the ‘aerial view’ of Bhaleshwar temple as well as most of the terrain of Kathmandu valley. From the flight where you can see the areas of Rasuwa and Dhading, you can also have an attractive view of the man-made Indrasarovar lake including Tistung and Palung of Makwanpur. If the weather is clear, the flight unlocks a wide snow-range view for the paragliders to the north. The greenery plastered beneath is another major attraction of the paragliding in Chandragiri.

chandragiri paragliding
Credit: Babu Adventures

The company can operate 12 paragliders simultaneously and can offer the service to up to 700 a day. Do read: Jagadamba Steels Issuing Premium IPO After Dashain, Rs 300 Per Share

Chandragiri paragliding cost and contact

As per the company, Chandragiri Paragliding costs Rs 8,000 per person for Nepali citizens. The cost comes in the package and includes 15 to 25 minutes of flight, photo, and video shoot. The amount also covers a round transport trip from Kathmandu to the paragliding spot.  Foreigners need to pay Rs 12,000 for the same package.

Those not requiring the transport service will need to only pay Rs 7,200 to enjoy the flight. To paraglide at Chandragiri, advance booking (a day before) is required. You can contact Babu Adventures at 9856057339 to book your paragliding experience at Chandragiri.

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