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Pay for Your Hair and Beard Cut via FonePay Across Nepal

Now, you will be able to pay for your hair and beard cut via FonePay. The service has been introduced with the cooperation between Machhapuchchhre Bank and Nepal Nai Sangh.

The bank recently handed over the QR code to Nepal Nai Sangh at a ceremony.

With the agreement, you can pay your fees at a barbershop all over Nepal via the popular digital payment operator.

For the service, Machhapuchchhre Bank has provided Nai Sangh with the QR code that will process the payment for hair and beard work.  

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The digital payment facility will benefit over 3 lakh barbershops around the country.

The customers can now pay for their haircut or beard jobs via FonePay at barbershops (sailun) that have a membership with Nepal Nai Sangh. Likewise, there is no need to bother with physical cash and change. They can use the bank’s mobile banking app, MBL M-Smart, to pay online for their hair styling fare.

Briefly about FonePay

FonePay is a PCI DSS-certified Payment System Operator developed by F1Soft Group in 2004. The PSO’s interoperable network connects over 63+ partners with over 17M+ registered customers. Besides, it also boasts a strong network of over 9 lakh merchants across Nepal.

FonePay is available through smart mobile banking apps and digital wallets.

Are you going to take advantage of the digital payment service and pay via FonePay on your next visit to a barbershop? do share with us in the comment section.

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