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NIC ASIA Bank is celebrating 25th Anniversary, Serving 40 Lakh Accounts

  • NIC ASIA Bank is celebrating 25th anniversary
  • The bank added 12 lakh new bank accounts reaching a total of 40 lakhs in FY 078/79
  • At the same time, it also paid 3.41 billion NPR in taxes, the highest among the banks in Nepal.

NIC ASIA Bank has marked 25 years in service. To mark the glorious occasion, the bank is going to celebrate its silver jubilee. The bank has extended its warm gratitude to the customers, regulators, shareholders, employees, and others for steering the bank to the position of a leading financial institution in the country.  

Likewise, the bank says it stays committed to launching advanced, digital, and customer-friendly banking services to elevate the customer experience.

The bank has also shared financial details on the occasion. As per the bank, a shareholder who invested in an ordinary share equal to 1 in FY 056/57 has reached 13.12 in FY 79/80 which would cost 9 thousand, 5 hundred, and 20.

In addition, since coming into operation, the bank has contributed 19.92 billion to the government directly and indirectly. In the last FY 078/79, the bank paid a hefty 3.41 billion in taxes. It made the bank the top taxpayer among the banks and financial institutions.  

Similarly, the bank earned Rs.4.53 billion in profit in the FY 078/79 which marks an exceptional 39% increase in year-on-year profit. At the same time, the bank’s equity return is 19.65% which is the highest among the banks in Nepal. The bank has also registered Rs.39.13 per share revenue.

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NIC ASIA Bank is celebrating 25th anniversary | 40 lakh bank accounts, 12 lakhs added in FY 078/79

The bank shared that it added 12 lakh new accounts in 078/79 reaching a total of 40 lakh bank accounts. Besides, the bank has extended 86% of total loan investment in small and medium enterprises. The bank estimates it is contributing the highest amount to SMEs growth in Nepal.

NIC ASIA is serving across the country through 359 branch offices, 473 ATMs, 102 extended counters, and 81 branchless banking services. The bank represents 25% of the Nepalese in the age group 20-50 under its wing of services.

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If you are a customer of NIC ASIA Bank, do leave your opinion n the bank’s services in the comments below.

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