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Nepse to bring Trading Demo Account to learn about trading shares 

Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) is preparing for the launch of a trading demo account to help freshers learn about trading shares. The regulatory board will inaugurate the simulation software in its upcoming annual general meeting.

The system is targeted at the demography less acquainted with share markets.

Nepse Chief Executive Officer Krishna Bahadur Karki said, “We are soon launching a trading demo account. The service (simulation) will familiarize the new investors who want to learn trading shares.”

It’s likely that the service will be launched on Poush 29.

What could be more delightful is that the users could use the service without capital. For the unversed, they won’t have to have a TMS account and go to a broker’s office for the entire process.

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What is a trading demo account?

The trading demo account that Nepse is launching is offered to interested potential investors to run TMS and practice the trade before investing. The exchange claims that it will enable investors to use various features of TMS before entering the share market.

As it’s just for learning, the simulation service won’t allow investors to earn from the trading demo account. Check out: How To Check IPO Allotment Results In Nepal? Learn 3 Easy Ways

Interested users can open a demo account online to use the simulation service.

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