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Ntc’s Free ‘Pathshala CUG SIM’ For Teachers And Students

Nepal Telecom is distributing free SIM cards to teachers and students of community schools across Nepal under the ‘Pathshala CUG SIM’ scheme. The company provides free SIMs to continue online schools even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this SIM, all the students or teachers belonging to the group can send as many (unlimited) SMS to each other and also the website of the Ministry of Education has textbooks for classes 1 to 10.

The total monthly cost for using these facilities is Rs. 99. As per the ‘Contingency Action Plan on School Education 2077’, it will be borne by the government through local bodies.

What’s in Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM?

According to this scheme, every student and teacher of government or community school from class 1 to 12 will be able to get one free school CUG SIM card. Nepal Telecom’s GSM or CDMA prepaid mobile number is required to join this attractive scheme with ample facilities. Students and teachers can also link the prepaid SIM card they are already using to the school CUG. Students or teachers who do not have Nepal Telecom’s prepaid SIM card will be able to get a new prepaid SIM card which is available for free.

When getting a SIM card for a student, it can be taken in the name of the student or in the name of the parent. In order to get the free SIM, the teacher and the student will have to fill the application form of the prepaid mobile prescribed by the company and submit it to the concerned public school. The application form should be accompanied by a copy of the student’s identity card, a copy of the student’s citizenship or if not a copy of the parent’s citizenship, and a photocopy should be affixed at the designated place on the application form. Students can also get a SIM card in their own name or in the name of their parents.

The school should prepare the details including the mobile number and name of all the teachers, students and parents who are affiliated to the school CUG in the prescribed format and contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office with the recommendation of the local level and pay the fee. After that, information is available via SMS to all the mobile numbers belonging to the group.

Summary of Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM

  • Cost: Rs 99
  • Data: 5GB data for Learning portal
  • Free CUG Calls and SMS
  • Targeted to Community school’s teachers, students and their parents.

Teachers, students and parents of each school are affiliated to the company’s Closed User Group (CUG) and a monthly deposit of Rs. In 99, 5 GB data service and bulk SMS facility will also be provided to run unlimited communication services within closed group, website of education and human resource development center ( Curriculum and textbooks for grades 1 to 10 are available on the Education and Human Resource Development Centre’s website (https //

Even after the expiry of the Pathshala CUG offer, the mobile numbers associated with this offer can be used continuously by the user teachers, students and parents just like the mobile numbers of other users. Public schools will be able to get free Pathshala CUG SIM as per the demand from the service centers of Nepal Telecom across the country. All public school students, teachers and parents are requested to take advantage of this service. For more information, contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office or visit the company’s website.

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