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inDrive global dominance: Maintains second most-downloaded ride-sharing app

InDrive has maintained its lead as the second most downloaded ride-sharing app for two consecutive years as per a report by The app is also found to be the fourth most downloaded travel app.

Google Play store and the App Store data show that the popular urban service app inDrive was downloaded 66.6 million times in 2023. The milestone was achieved thanks to the app’s continuous growth in its global markets. Its website says that its lifetime app download on all mobile platforms has reached 200 million. has pinned the steady growth of the inDrive app to the new services such as finance, freight, courier delivery, and others coming to the app which is serving as value differentiation.

all inDrive services
Beyond ride-sharing, inDrive also provides courier delivery, freight, and city-to-city ride

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InDrive in global markets

InDrive was launched in 2013 in Russia and is headquartered in the US. However, the ride-hailing platform has enriched its access to global markets at a fast pace. To date, inDrive actively operates in 46 countries including 9 in Africa. It’s a powerhouse in Asia too.

inDrive app ride-sharing

In 2023 alone, the platform was extended to over 8 cities in the African region and two in the US. It’s also forwarded the plan to employ electric motorbikes for service in the Asia-Pacific (APAC). In Nepal, inDrive is eager to expedite its registration and remain the leading ride-sharing player.

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InDrive lets passengers determine fare aiming to offer an affordable riding experience. Plus, it provides city-to-city, delivery, and other services too. Intrinsically, inDrive continues to be a role model in generating employment and supporting communities while expanding its global domination to further markets.

Is inDrive your ideal commute solution? If it is, then what particular features make it a worthy choice for you? Do share with us in the comments below.

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