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F1 Soft launches, mobile banking skills

F1 Soft International has launched The prominent digital finance services holding company brought the online portal to acquaint people with mobile banking.

The portal will be useful for those who want to keep updated with the latest trend, and features in digital banking practices in Nepal.

The company has made easy to navigate. It has a user-friendly user interface to make it accessible to browse through.

You can find materials and tutorials for mobile banking services. If you want to know how to activate or start mobile banking at a particular bank, you can find it on the portal.

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Select a bank on and learn

On, you can find options to choose your bank. You can either Select Your Bank or search the name of the bank whose mobile banking service you want to know about. When you find your target bank, just on it. You will now find different services of mobile banking of the app such as activation, top-up, and other features.

The portal provides different information under different tabs making it easy for users to browse options. shows information under different tabs

Besides, the portal has statistics, blogs, and opinions from experts in the field. The company says the portal will be a handy guide for the people in the cities where the service is transitioning from credit and debit cards to mobile banking for transactions and many other services.

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 “Mobile banking has a huge potential. We want to familiarize people with technologies. The use of mobile banking is increasing and we hope that the platform will make digital banking service easier for users”, Subash Sharma, CEO of F1 Soft International said.  

F1 Soft is Nepal’s leading fintech company. It has developed mobile banking apps for over 50 banks and financial institutions in Nepal. The company has been one of the significant drivers of digital transformation in Nepal’s banking and the fintech sector.

If you have tried, do share how useful you found the portal with us in the comments below.

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