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Rabi Lamichhane Starts Blue Bus Service for Women, Find Routes

Rastriya Swatantra Party’s chairman Rabi Lamichhane has started Blue Bus service, a free transportation for women in Chitwan. He launched the service to celebrate 100 days of being elected a representative from Constituent 2 from the district. The technology-equipped Blue Bus will ply between Kalika and Bharatpur in the district.

The bus numbered “Na 5 Kha 3138” has been rented for Rs 1.30 lakh per month. Painted all sky blue reflecting the party’s own color theme, it will provide free transport service for women. For the service, women have been handed over a verification card as well. The card has a readable code and the machine identifies the cards to validate the holder’s transport service.

The bus will provide its service keeping its focus on Bharatpur Hospital.

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Blue Bus Router in Chitwan

Rabi Lamichhane’s Blue Bus starts from Shaktikhor at 7:00 am. Then it rides along Jutpani-Club Chowk-Padampur to Bishal Chowk-Revenue Office and reaches Chaubiskoti passing Bharatpur Hospital.

The bus will then take a trip around Ring Road. Then it rides from Aaptari to Devghat and takes the inner road towards Thimura. Then the bug begins its trip Ramnagar-Aaptari-Bypass road-hospital and Pulchowk. Form Pulchowk, it sets for Shivaghat-James World Funpark to Dharma Chowk-Chaubiskoti-Hospital Road to Bharatpur Hospital.

From Bharatpur Hospital, Rabi Lamichhane’s Blue Bus takes to the District Coordination Committee to Central Bus Park Chowk. Then, the bus rides to the Land Management Office (malpot office) and goes for Bishal Chowk-Padampur-Kholesimal-Club Chowk-Jutpani. The Blue Bus retries its daily schedule after reaching Shaktikhor.

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Lamichhane-coordinated Blue Bus is equipped with technology. Launched for women, the bus has a digital ticketing machine, smart bell, automated sanitizer dispenser, and location announcement system. Additionally, the bus has a Blue Bus mobile app which makes it a digitally advanced transport service.

Rabi Lamichhane’s personal secretary Prakash Sigdel said that the bus has a GPS system installed. There’s a voice announcement system that tells the next destination in Lamichhane’s voice.

Sigdel added that if needed, the service card for the Blue Bus can be distributed in large amounts.

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