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BG Holdings Acquires Emerging eCommerce Platform

BG Holdings has acquired the emerging online marketplace Gyapu. Having started the platform during the pandemic, the eCommerce company has steadily grown and currently delivers orders across Nepal. With the takeover, the company expects to further enhance its already growing market influence in the near future.

At the moment, the company fulfills around 700 orders per day. It runs its service with the slogan “Born in Crisis, Raise in Crisis”. The company promotes Nepali products and seeks to take them to international markets.

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On, you can find and order products from various categories such as grocery, beauty, electronics, fashion, health, etc.

After the acquisition by BG Holdings, Gyapu Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gyanendra Khadka has left his position. He is now replaced by the company’s Operation Head Sujani KC as its Deputy CEO.

Gyapu portal
Gyapu portal

Gyapu currently serves a robust base of vendors and has over 4 lakh products on its shelves. Despite being a startup, the company has managed to get over 3 thousand vendors onboard through the web and Gyapu mobile applications. The company has a registered base of 2.15 lakh users.

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Buyers can pay through credit and debit cards for their orders on Gyapu. Cash on Delivery is also an option for the customers.

“Launched to seize the prospects in the barrier,” Gyapu started operation on April 2020, the third day after the government imposed a lockdown during COVID-19.

The company though climbing charts faces stiff competition from giants such as Daraz to influence the market. With the takeover, BG Holdings will attempt to further enhance its market and elevate its position in Nepal’s eCommerce ecosystem.

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