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Indian users can pay with PhonePE in Nepal

India’s users of the PhonePE digital wallet will now be able to make online payments in Nepal. The company launched a new service to allow its customers to make payments while they are out of India.

PhonePE is a prominent Indian digital wallet and online payment app based on the revolutionary UPI (Unified Payment Interface) system.

The new service is aimed at helping Indians perform transactions in several countries outside of India. Besides Nepal, PhonePE users will be able to pay using the app in five countries including UAE, and Singapore. The online payment provider has become the first in India to provide such a service.

Likewise, Indian users will be able to pay in foreign exchange rates through their linked bank account on the PhonePE app. The service will be similar to the ones done via International Debit Card.

PhonePay has implemented international payment services in Nepal, UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, and Bhutan. This service is the QR code of all international merchant outlets. PhonePe is the first fintech app to launch this feature in India. The company has over 435 million registered users in India.

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PhonePE for Indians in Nepal

The international payment service is launched for Indians in Nepal and other five countries. Indian nationals in UAE, Singapore, Mauritius, and Bhutan can also use the facility of PhonePE for online payment in Nepal. The payment system will be available at all international merchant outlets with QR codes.

The service allows Indians to pay in local exchange rates in countries they are in using PhonePE’s UPI International service in the abovementioned five countries. Since it’s an online system, users won’t need to bother with physical cash exchanges.

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Users can buy products and services with the online payment service ideal for Indian tourists. PhonePE’s CTO and co-founder Rahul Chari said the company will add more countries for the service.

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