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5 Popular Strategies To Get More Facebook Likes

Do you want to know how to get more likes on your Facebook page? If you want to increase Facebook Likes on your Facebook page, here are 5 popular strategies to get more Facebook Likes and promote your business on Facebook. 

Facebook is a great platform to promote your business and reach a wider audience, and Facebook Likes is a critical part of Facebook Marketing. The Facebook algorithm ranks a page with more likes. People are selective these days. So it’s hard to grab their attention in a short time. If you want Facebook users to like your Facebook page, you must give them a reason to do that. 

So how to get more Facebook Likes? Here are 5 simple ways to increase Facebook Likes that takes no extra cost and effort.  

1) Attractive Profile picture and Cover photo

First thing first, you have to make your Facebook page intriguing. Insert a relevant profile photo, which is usually the logo of the brand, or you can be creative and put something that resonates with your brand. Similarly, put a cover photo that manifests what your brand is. 

The first thing that people notice is the profile picture, and if we are able to pull the audience from a relevant profile picture, there is a high possibility that the user will leave a thumbs up to your Facebook page. 

2) Creative and Engaging content

Linking a Facebook page also means the Facebook user likes the content of the page. Before dropping a Like, they check out the contents and try to understand what the page is about. So, another way to get the Facebook user to like your business page is to create creative and engaging content. 

Upload posts that are unique and engaging. Do not copy content from others. Such an act will only degrade the image of the brand. Create content that connects with the audience. It can be a story, a poem, a proverb, a picture, a short movie, a song, a campaign, anything. If the Facebook user likes your content, they are likely to leave a Facebook Like on your page.  

3) Interact with the audience

Remember to post content on the page regularly. Just creating a Facebook page is not enough. You have to work on it daily to make it engaging. The Facebook algorithm ranks an active Facebook page in the Newsfeed so to keep the followers engaged, ask questions, go live, create campaigns, create a poll, have contests in which users will participate, and so on. 

4) Invite to like page

Have you noticed an “Invite Friends” button? Use that option to invite those who are on your friend list. You can also invite those users who have been engaged in your posts to like your Facebook page. In this way, invite people to like your page and increase the likes. 

5) Promote your Facebook Page

You need to catch the eyes of the audience if you want to increase page followers. For that, you have to make your page visible. Share the page on your website, use the link in your business card, use Facebook marketing, Influencer marketing, etc. Hire a freelance influencer to promote your Facebook page.


Facebook Likes is one of the ranking factors that helps your page rank in the search engine and Newsfeed. People tend to trust the brand whose Facebook page has many likes. So a business page needs to increase Facebook likes. Use the above strategies to get more likes on Facebook and boost your business. 

Have you tried any of the above Facebook strategies? Tell us in the comment section below.

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