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Xiaomi Launches Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser in Nepal

Xiaomi has just launched Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser in Nepal along with Mi Simple-way Foaming Hand Wash. The company recently also launched new two Poco phones; Poco C3 and Poco M2. They also have launched other various small smart devices that can be used in daily life. This clearly shows the eco-system that Xiaomi is trying to create here in Nepal. The company is said to bring more smart daily devices. Find the Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal below.

With the launch of many small smart daily devices, Xiaomi is building its Digital Portfolio. This is not just good for the company but is good for us normal people as well. With the rise of COVID-19 infection, we all need to wash our hands to sanitize it. This smart device will help us with that. Plus, it’s automatic so you won’t have to do anything. This gives the edge of not touching it that decreases the chances of getting infected with COVID-19. The company also claims this is the most advanced way of washing your hands. Let’s look at its key functions, use, and overview.

Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Overview

The Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser packs 4 AA batteries to operate. Its main highlight is that you can use it contactless. You won’t have to wait or wave your hands like old times. It recognizes you and within no time and operates. Proximity infrared sensor is built-in that reacts within 0.25 seconds which makes it one of the fastest soap dispensers.


The dispensers don’t spill or overuse soap foam. It controls the foam ratio of gas to liquid to 12:1. This means you can use it up to 375 times. The micro high-efficiency motor also operates silently while consuming less energy.

The soap foam is dense and reaches all of your fine pores cleaning it effectively. It’s also skin-friendly and has natural essence. The pH value is balanced and uses natural ingredients that leave no residue and causes no harm to the skin. The fragrance of the soap foam is refreshing and long-lasting. It’s made with plant-based essence. Every time your hands will smell good after washing.


The design of the dispenser is very simple but looks quite modern as well as gives a minimalist feel. It is cylindric yet compact in shape and suits both the kitchen or bathroom. It can even be kept in your office. The material used for its build is also Eco-friendly. This dispenser will effortlessly blend into your home or office.

Key Specs of Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser

  • Auto-Hand Detection
  • Built-in Proxomitiy infrared sensor
  • Contactless And Hygienic
  • Micro High-Efficiency Silent Motor
  • Spill-proof
  • Premium Matte Finish Design
  • Balanced pH
  • Clean And Protective
  • Refreshing Fragrance

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser comes with Auto-hand Detection supported by a built-in Proximity infrared sensor. It’s totally contactless to use supportive and uplifts hygiene levels. A spill-proof system helps in soap foam management. The soap foam has a balanced pH as well as has a refreshing Fragrance. These are few key specs of the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser.

How to Clean Your Hands With Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser And Its Uses


Cleaning hands with Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is really simple. The process is contactless and effortless.

  • Put you hands below the soap foam extractor
  • Rub hands after having soap foam
  • Clean it off with water

Just put your hands below the soap foam extractor and the soap foam will come. After this, rub your hands with ease. Clean it off with water and that’s it. No effort or contact at all.

Some of the main uses of the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is listed below.

  • To clean hands before and after having a meal
  • Cleaning hands after doing dishes
  • It can be of use before and after going to the washroom

Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser should be kept in places where there are frequent crowds. Such as Government offices, normal offices, Shopping Malls, Theaters, and more. Its contactless use will help in not getting affected by COVID-19.

Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal


The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal is set at Rs. 2,299. For this, you will get Dispenser along with Hand-wash. Xiaomi Mi Simple-way Foaming Hand Wash acts as a refill to the dispenser. Its price in Nepal is set at Rs. 1,499 for a Pack of three. Also, batteries won’t come with the pack. You’ll have to purchase it separately.

Xiaomi Smart DevicesPrice in Nepal (Official)Availability
Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap DispenserRs. 2,299 (Dispenser + Hand Wash)Authorized Xiaomi Stores
Xiaomi Mi Simple way Foaming Hand Wash Rs. 1,499 (For 3)Authorized Xiaomi Stores
The Prices listed are official.

Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser Price in Nepal along with Simple way Foaming Hand Wash feels cheap. Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser and Mi Simple way Foaming Hand Wash can be purchased from Xiaomi Official Showrooms and Authorized Xiaomi Stores. The design and colors are only one. So, yeah that means no color options or variants. To find a complete list of every authorized Xiaomi store goes to Xiaomi Nepal Official Site.

Our Verdict

Xiaomi is launching such smart devices in Nepal creating a new digital Eco-system. Many such IoT/smart devices are going to be launched by the company which is good news. All these small things and their implementation are what will uplift our way of living. If the company creates an Eco-system before any company then it can dominate the Nepalese market.

For now, the launch of Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser is very pleasing. The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser price in Nepal is also low. It will also contribute to contact-less stuff that is going in culture with the rise of COVID-19. Let’s hope Xiaomi launches more small smart devices or our daily life uses in near future.

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