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Sweden to build electrified road to charge EVs while driving

Sweden is building the world’s first-ever electrified road which will charge electric vehicles (EVs) while driving. The “electric road” will help cars, and trucks charge by while driving.

Experts have lauded the technology and believe the electrified road will help EVs travel longer distances with smaller batteries and address a low number of charging stations.

Already, the country has debuted several pilot projects including a temporary electric road.

“We think the electrification solution is the way forward for decarbonizing the transport sector and we are working with a number of solutions,” Jan Pettersson, Director of Strategic Development at Trafikverket, the Swedish transport administration, told Euronews Next.

The “European route E20” links logistic hubs between Hallsberg and Örebro, situated in the country’s three main cities- Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

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How does the electric road work?

There are three types of charging systems- catenary system, inductive system, and conductive system. The first one uses overhead wires to provide electricity so it’s suited for heavy electric buses or trams.

The inductive charging system uses dedicated equipment underneath the road that sends electricity to a coil in the EV. The coil installed in the vehicle uses that electricity to charge its battery.

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Conductive charging is similar to a charger pad for smartphones. Not required to plug in a charger, special electric vehicles have a pad on the road. When the vehicle goes on top of it, the pad charges the vehicle. It’s a wireless charging system.

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