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Khalti enables NEPALPAY QR for digital transactions at over 3 lakh merchants

Khalti has integrated NEPALPAY QR for digital transactions on smartphones. Now, users of Khalti can scan and pay using the NEPAL PAY QR code at merchants.  

Khalti believes that the recently-integrated NEPALPAY QR will be hugely beneficial to its users for mobile payment. Using the Khalti digital wallet, users can now quickly scan and pay using the NEPAL PAY QRs at restaurants, shops, malls, movies, and more. Across Nepal, there are over 3 lakh merchants employing NEPALPAY QR for electronic payment. NEPAL PAY QR is a payment processor operated by Nepal Clearing House Ltd (NCHL).

Binay Khadka, Khalti’s Chief Executive Officer spoke fondly about this collaboration. He said:

“Khalti’s QR payment has been one of the most convenient services for our users. Hence, with this partnership, we aim to enable existing and upcoming Khalti users to enjoy seamless payments with NEPALPAY QR on top of existing FonePay and Union Pay QR.”

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Khalti users can now pay using NEPALPAY QR

Likewise, NEPAL PAY QR also released a statement regarding its Khalti partnership. The company said, “NEPALPAY QR is an implementing infrastructure of NepalQR for establishing a domestic QR scheme and interoperability within the players, which is available and accessible to all BFIs, PSPs, and PSOs in Nepal. Collaboration with one of the prominent PSPs and activation of NEPALPAY QR in Khalti is a major milestone that is expected to accelerate the growth of QR payments in Nepal.”

At the same time,  NCHL has also penned a tie-up with Nepal Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), in the presence of the Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal to speed up cross-border payments. The company expects that the international payment service would be available soon. Read more about cross-border payment between Nepal and India.

When rolled out, Nepalese will be able to make mobile payments in parts of India using Khalti digital wallet.

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