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75 Electric Bus To Ply The Kathmandu Ring Road, EBRT System

The 27.30km long Kathmandu ring road will see 75 electric buses ply the streets. The Investment Board has sought foreign consultants for a study to look into the project’s prospects.

The board has asked interested companies to submit their expression of interest by Mangsir 26. The tender is open for domestic as well as foreign companies.

Prior to this, the board already completed its internal assessment of the project.

Our study has shown us that the project is possible. That is why we have stepped forward with further planning. The next study will draw a roadmap on which model to follow and other key aspects. Then, we will call for the construction of the project in the PPP model. We will encourage the private sector to carry through the project.

A milestone for public transport in Kathmandu

Former infrastructure advisor of the Investment Board Ashish Gajurel said the project will be a milestone for the public transport of Kathmandu. He said, “While I was at the office, the first study had concluded. It showed that we could proceed with the ambitious plan. The talk of metro rail in the capital has resonated for decades and has not materialized. That’s why Electric Bus Rapid Transit (EBRT) is a more convenient plan which is already successful worldwide.”

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What is EBRT?

Electric Bus Rapid Transit or EBRT is a modified version of the BRT transport system and a novelty in Nepal. It is based on a transport system where vehicles are used that run on rubber-made tires. The distinction is that under this model, the separate lane is designated for transport. That is the reason they continue running despite traffic congestion elsewhere.

EBRT transport system
Representative image | IMG Credit: UITP

Likewise, they get different stations too. Those waiting at the stations get pre-hand information regarding the coming vehicles. Besides, it features a smart ticketing system. The system is set to be implemented in Kathmandu after the second round of in-depth possibility study is completed. Likewise, it also gets GPS, Intelligent Transport System, Flyover Roads, bridges, Smart Cards, etc.

The project will proceed in phases. The first phase will see 75 electric buses on the ring road. The project will build 27 bus stations and one terminal.  

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The board expects the smart transport system to serve over 3 lakh commuters per day.

But the project will only implement the plan after a consultant firm submits its detailed report. The board seeks to complete the project by 2030.

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