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Daraz alerts users after fake job offer spreads on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, many users have received fake Daraz part-time job offers. As the number of recipients of the scams grew, the company promptly issued a statement urging customers to stay alert.

The rogues behind the message are apparently offering part-time employment offer on popular eCommerce to lure users into giving away their personal details. From the message circulating, we can also see that the scammers are using the official Daraz logo to earn credibility. The message supposed to be circulating shows an attractive salary prospect for the new recruits. The message passes the impression that landing a job is easily possible and with benefits.

The message is sent by a Nepali phone number. But it’s not hard to believe that the number itself was compromised as WhatsApp lets track the sender rather easily.

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Don’t get tricked by the fake Daraz part-time job offer

The message reads, “Namaskar, I am Daraz’s recruit manager.  We are hiring 80 part-time employees. You can use your house’s phone and earn Rs easily.” The message also contains a link to contact “them” which is an obvious bait for unsuspecting users. Upon hiring, the message says the part-time employees will be able to earn 4% principal per order.

The number of WhatsApp users receiving the message has grown and in response, Daraz has issued a statement making it clear that the message is not from them and urged users not to fall for it.

Aanchal Kunwar, Managing Director of Daraz Nepal said that it is an attempt to draw personal data from users who are seeking jobs. “Daraz did not send those messages. Do not provide your personal sensitive data in response to those messages,” she clarified, “If you receive such a message, then do report it to Daraz.” She also promised to take necessary action against the scammers.  

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Daraz has requested users to report the message to customer.np@care.daraz.com if they receive any.

If you receive such a message, don’t click on the link as it could give away your key personal details such as social media or bank details. Always stay alert against any suspicious messages and look for official confirmation before clicking on any link or forwarding them to other users.

If you have seen such a message on WhatsApp, do share in the comments below.

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