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World’s First Electric Plane Alice Takes Off, 250 Miles Range

The world’s first-ever electric plane Alice recently took its first flight. The plane completed its maiden successful flight from the Grant County International Airport, Washington, USA, and flew for 8 minutes. The plane has a range of 250 nautical miles.

The all-electric airplane is built by Eviation Aircraft, an Israeli company, and named its historical construction ‘Alice’.  

The launch of Alice gave way to the possibility of miles of regional flights with 0 carbon emission, the kind of future every company is aspiring for in today’s climate-sensitive times. The single flight doesn’t transform the entire industry radically but the demonstration did usher in a potential new era for the aviation industry.

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The world’s first electric plane Alice flew for 8 minutes

The aircraft managed to fly for a respectable stretch of 8 minutes. It ascended to 3,500 feet into the air.

“Today’s first flight provided Eviation with invaluable data to further optimize the aircraft for commercial production. We will review the flight data to understand how the performance of the aircraft matched our models,” Eviation CEO and President Gregory Davis shared.

The plane accommodates 9 passengers and two pilots. It has battery cells weighing more than 21,500 tons. The plane is designed to fly for up to 250 nautical miles.

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Eviation believes that electric planes will be better suited for cargo purposes. They produce less noise and are easier with the logistics of fueling.

“Electric aviation opens up more opportunities to connect communities where noise concerns have been a deterrent to flights, and restrict operating hours,” Mr. Davis added.

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