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How to Watch FIFA Football World Cup in Nepal? With Schedule in Nepali Time

The post lets you know how to watch FIFA Football World Cup in Nepal (on TV, apps, streaming, and more) and also see the fixtures of WC 2022 in local Nepali time.

Football’s greatest competition is set to kick off on November 20. As usual, it will attract over a billion viewers for around a month’s time during the competition with the final match drawing the highest viewers count. Different countries have different TV channels and OTTs air the matches from Qatar.

In Nepal, the broadcasting of the World Cup matches will be slightly different. Nepali viewers have mostly watched live action on various channels including Indian TV channels. In the yesteryears, there was the privilege of watching different TV channels. But this time, so far, Himalaya TV is the only platform confirmed to air the matches from Qatar. To watch the World Cup, you need to pay Rs 500 + 13% VAT = Rs 565 to watch the World Cup Matches as Media Hub has implemented a subscription-based model for this edition.

world cup 2022 himalaya tv

For the ardent, the pay-per-view scheme will still be a roadblock. They will buy the subscription to watch their favorite team battle it out. But for the unversed, we are going to detail different ways you can watch the World Cup matches in Nepal.  

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How to watch the FIFA Football World cup in Nepal 2022?

As stated above, first you need to buy a subscription to watch Football World Cup matches in Nepal. If you pass the requirements, you can avail yourself of a few different digital media options to watch the games at your convenience. Foreign channels airing the same content won’t be allowed in Nepal as Media Hub has the sole rights to the broadcasting of all the matches, mascots, promotions, etc.


You can watch all the Football World Cup matches on your IPTV platform. Gone are the days when cable TV was the sole option. Now, IPTVs have wide availability around the country and offer a better TV viewing experience.  

NetTV and ViaTV are some of the more popular IPTV platforms and are going to air World Cup matches live. Both IPTV services come with internet packages from major ISPs in Nepal. NetTV comes with WorldLink and with many ISPs.

So, to be able to watch World cup football matches on your NetTV, you need to subscribe to the NetTV Prime package (with a FIFA World Cup subscription) on your STB.

world cup payment from khalti
You can buy a World Cup subscription on NetTV via Khalti

ViaTV has also announced a World Cup offers to cash in on the growing football fervor. It comes with Vianet internet packages. If you are an existing internet user, you probably have the option to watch the games on your TV. All you need to do is, buy Himalaya TV Premium HD packages from the options and secure a month of the sporting fest on your TV screen.

OTT Apps

If you want to watch games on your handheld devices, that is also possible on NetTV, and ViaTV apps. Both the platforms have apps on Android and iOS platforms and if you buy a subscription, you will have the privilege of watching the matches on the go.

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What for cable TV viewers?

So far, we have no confirmation regarding cable TV operators signing an agreement with Media Hub for the World Cup matches. That unfortunately means those on cable TV might not be able to enjoy the live matches unless a deal takes place.

Meanwhile, Dish Home has announced that it will also be airing World Cup matches but it hasn’t revealed many details. We expect Action Sports to broadcast the matches.

FIFA World Cup 2022
Source: FIFA

Third-Party apps

There are tons of third-party apps on app stores that stream football matches. If you want to avoid paying, resorting to those apps could be your lifesaver but they come with a caveat. Third-party streaming apps can be slow to start the matches and are susceptible to lags, and glitches. They are your options but certainly not the most reliable.

Facebook and other sites

Social media could be your other option to skip the paywall. While some could air the actual matches, others might redirect you to adware and malware, so be careful of choosing social media for the world cup matches.

FIFA Football World Cup Groups

Similar to last year, a total of 32 national teams will participate in the competition in Qatar. Through a draw, the teams are categorized into groups A with each group having four teams in it.

Source: FIFA

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 Fixtures in Nepali time – Group Stage

There will be 64 matches in the Group Stage which will decide the teams for the next stage of Round 16. Below are the Group Stage fixtures of the Football World Cup with Nepali time.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Starts – 20th November 2022 (Mangsir 4, 2079)

FIFA World Cup 2022 Ends -18th December 2022 (Poush 3, 2079)

Sunday, 20th November 2022 (Mangsir 4, 2079)

Match No.GroupOpening FixtureNepali Time
Match 1Group AQatar vs. Ecuador9:45 pm

Monday, 21st November 2022 (Mangsir 5, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 2Group ASenegal vs. Netherlands9:45 pm
Match 3Group BEngland vs. IR Iran6:45 pm
Match 4Group BUSA vs. Wales12:45 am
(22nd November)

Tuesday, 22nd November 2022 (Mangsir 6, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 5Group DFrance vs. Australia12:45 am
(23rd November)
Match 6Group ADenmark vs. Tunisia6:45 pm
Match 7Group BMexico vs. Poland9:45 pm
Match 8Group BArgentina vs. Saudi Arabia3:45 pm

Wednesday, 23rd November 2022, (Mangsir 7, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 9Group FBelgium vs. Canada12:45 am
(24th November)
Match 10Group ESpain vs. IC Play-off 29:45 pm
Match 11Group EGermany vs. Japan6:45 pm
Match 12Group FMorocco vs. Croatia3:45 pm

Thursday, 24th November 2022 (Mangsir 8, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 13Group GSwitzerland vs. Cameroon3:45 pm
Match 14Group HUruguay vs. Korea Republic6:45 pm
Match 15Group HPortugal vs. Ghana9:45 pm
Match 16Group GBrazil vs. Serbia12:45 am
(25th November)

Friday, 25th November 2022 (Mangsir 9, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 17Group BWales vs. IR Iran3:45 pm
Match 18Group AQatar vs. Senegal6:45 pm
Match 19Group ANetherlands vs. Ecuador9:45 pm
Match 20Group BEngland vs. USA12:45 am
(26th November)

Saturday, 26th November 2022 (Mangsir 10, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 21Group DTunisia vs. Australia3:45 pm
Match 22Group CPoland vs. Saudi Arabia6:45 pm
Match 23Group DFrance vs. Denmark9:45 pm
Match 24Group CArgentina vs. Mexico12:45 am
(27th November)

Sunday, 27th November 2022 (Mangsir 11, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 25Group EJapan vs. IC Play-off 23:45 pm
Match 26Group FBelgium vs. Morocco6:45 pm
Match 27Group FCroatia vs. Canada9:45 pm
Match 28Group ESpain vs. Germany12:45 am
(28th November)

Monday, 28th November 2022 (Mangsir 12, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 29Group GCameroon vs. Serbia3:45 pm
Match 30Group HKorea Republic vs. Ghana6:45 pm
Match 31Group GBrazil vs. Switzerland9:45 pm
Match 32Group HPortugal vs. Uruguay12:45 am
(29th November)

Tuesday, 29th November 2022 (Mangsir 13, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 33Group BWales vs. England12:45 am
(30th November)
Match 34Group BIR Iran vs. USA12:45 am
(30th November)
Match 35Group AEcuador vs. Senegal8:45 pm
Match 36Group ANetherlands vs. Qatar8:45 pm

Wednesday, 30th November 2022 (Mangsir 14, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 37Group DAustralia vs. Denmark8:45 pm
Match 38Group DTunisia vs. France8:45 pm
Match 39Group CPoland vs. Argentina12:45 am
(1st December)
Match 40Group CSaudi Arabia vs. Mexico12:45 am
(1st December)

Thursday, 1st December 2022 (Mangsir 15, 2079)

Match No.GroupFixturesNepali Time
Match 41Group FCroatia vs. Belgium8:45 pm
Match 42Group FCanada vs. Morocco8:45 pm
Match 43Group EJapan vs. Spain12:45 am
(2nd December)
Match 44Group EIC Play-off 2 vs. Germany12:45 am
(2nd December)

Friday, 2nd December 2022 (Mangsir 16, 2079)

Match No.GroupTeamsNepali TimeLocal Time
Match 45Group HGhana vs. Uruguay8:45 pm18:00
Match 46Group HKorea Republic vs. Portugal8:45 pm18:00
Match 47Group GSerbia vs. Switzerland12:45 am
(2nd December)
Match 48Group GCameroon vs. Brazil12:45 am
(2nd December)

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 Fixtures in Nepali time – Round 16

Saturday, 3rd December 2022 (Mangsir 17, 2079)

Match No.FixturesNepali Time
Match 491A vs. 2B8:45 pm
Match 501C vs. 2D12:45 am
(4th December)

Sunday, 4th December 2022 (Mangsir 18, 2079)

Match No.FixturesNepali Time
Match 511B vs. 2A12:45 am
(5th December)
Match 521D vs. 2C8:45 pm

Monday, 5th December 2022 (Mangsir 19, 2079)

Match No.TeamsNepali Time
Match 531E vs. 2F8:45 pm
Match 541G vs. 2H12:45 am
(6th December)

Tuesday, 6th December 2022 (Mangsir 20, 2079)

Match No.FixturesNepali Time
Match 551F vs. 2E8:45 pm
Match 561H vs. 2G12:45 am
(7th December)

FIFA Football World Cup 2022 Quater-Finals in Nepali

Friday, 9th December 2022 (Mangsir 23, 2079)

Match No.FixturesNepali Time
Match 57Winner 49 vs. Winner 5012:45 am
(10th December)
Match 58Winner 53 vs. Winner 548:45 pm

Saturday, 10th December 2022 (Mangsir 24, 2079)

Match No.FixturesNepali Time
Match 59Winner 51 vs. Winner 5212:45 am
(11th December)
Match 60Winner 55 vs. Winner 568:45 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi-Finals in Nepali Time

Tuesday, 13th December 2022 (Mangsir 27, 2079)

Match No.FixtureNepali Time
Match 61Winner 57 vs. Winner 5812:45 am
(14th December)

Date: 14th December 2022 (Mangsir 28, 2079)- Wednesday

Match No.FixtureNepali Time
Match 62Winner 59 vs. Winner 6012:45 am
(15th December)

FIFA World Cup 2022 Play-off for third place in Nepali Time

Saturday, 17th December 2022 (Poush 2, 2079)

Match No.FixtureNepali Time
Match 63Runner Up 61 vs. Runner Up 628:45 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022 Final in Nepali Time

Sunday, 18th December 2022 (Poush 3, 2079)

Match No.TeamsNepali Time
Match 64Winner 61 vs. Winner 628:45 pm
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