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ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022, Get 51% Off on Himstar TV Sets

ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022 is here for the upcoming football season. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is not so far. So, ISPs, and IPTVs in Nepal are up with football-centric packages. ViaTV has brought the ‘Bring the Home Offer’. It is the subsidiary of ViaNet, one of the leading ISP in Nepal. Along with the offer, customers can get discounts on Himstar TV sets.

ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022, Bring Home the Game

With the biggest football event coming closer, ViaTV has brought an exciting offer for its customers. ViaTV’s Bring Home the Game offer is bringing discounts of up to 51% on Himstar television sets. Subscribers can also get Himalaya TV HD Premium Channel at Rs. 500 one-time charge to watch the WorldCup games live. The company has noted that this offer is only valid for set-up box users.

This time, the additional charge has to do with Mediahub purchasing exclusive rights from FIFA and thus, charging extra 500 rupees from Nepalese customers.

ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022 Swastima Khadka
Swastima Khadka, the Brand Ambassador of Vianet Communications

Under the offer, customers can subscribe to ViaTV service with 175+ Channels for as low as Rs. 150 per month. Alongside this, it comes with Vianet Ultra-Fi 200 Mbps Internet plan at Rs. 999 per month per year. Likewise, existing customers can also renew their packages at the same rate.

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Furthermore, there is a discount on one-time installation charges of Dual Band ONU and Set-Top-Box by Vianet. Customers can also choose a discount on an additional router between Mi Router and Nokia Mesh Beacon 1.1 router.

PeriodUltra-Fi L 200 TV+, 200MbpsUltra-Fi L 250 2TV+, 250MbpsUltra-Fi L 300 3TV+, 300Mbps
1 MonthRs 1,400Rs. 1550Rs. 1900
3 MonthsRs 4,050Rs. 4500Rs. 5500
12 MonthsRs 13,788
(Effectively 1149/m)
Rs. 15,000
(Effectively 1250/m)
Rs. 18000
(Effectively 1500/m)
(All Channels + Youtube+Movies on Demand)
(All Channels + Youtube+Movies on Demand)
3 TVs
(All Channels + Youtube+Movies on Demand)
ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022

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ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022, Discounts on Himstar TVs

To make the offer exciting, ViaTV is also offering discount offers on Himstar TVs. So, customers can get up to a 51% discount on new Himstar TV sets ranging from 32” to 43”.
Himstar 32” LED TV can be brought home as low as Rs. 12,123 and while the Himstar 43” SMART TV can be grabbed at Rs. 24,335.

ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022 Discount on Himstar TV
ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022 Discount on Himstar TV
TV1 Month3 Months12 Months
Himstar TV 32″ LEDRs. 12,388Rs. 12,213Rs. 12,213
Himstar TV 43″ LEDRs. 24,600Rs. 24,335Rs. 24,335
ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022 Discounts on Himstar TVs

So that was all about ViaTV World Cup Offer 2022. Enjoying this world cup season with ViaTV and a brand-new Himstar TV sounds good, doesn’t it? The grand event is kicking off on November 20 with the host nation, Qatar playing against Ecuador at 6:45 PM, Nepali time.

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Tell us what you think of this offer. Do write us your valuable views, thoughts, and opinions in the comment section below.

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