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Vehicle Scanner to Check on Vehicles at Customs Offices

A vehicle scanner will be installed to check up on vehicles at customs offices. The machine will verify whether the vehicles entering Nepal meets their minimum requirements before they hit the markets. The system will also help with trade facilitation and enhance customs efficiency at customs checkpoints.

So far, customs officials manually verify vehicles’ specifications which has been very inconvenient. But soon, the scanners will replace human hands and run a check on vehicles.

To acquire the scanners, the Department of Customs (DoC) called for a tender on September 17. Five vendors have submitted their willingness to supply the hardware to the depart.

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Vehicle scanner will automatically verify vehicles’ standard criteria

The vehicle scanner will check up on vehicles’ specifications holistically without a human hand. This will also ease off congestion at the customs checkpoints. In the initial phase, scanners will be set up at 3  to 5 customs offices.

The scanner costs over crores. Therefore, the depart is undecided about how many offices should get the machine at the beginning.

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For now, the depart is determining which company to select for the machine supply. Once the contract is finalized, the selected company will install, commission, test, and operate the machines. The right to control and analysis of data will be in the hands of the authority itself.

The system will take up to one and a half years to come to a full-fledged operation.

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