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Veda Launches “Haat, Haat Ma Shikshya” Campaign With Khalti

Nepal’s prominent e-learning platform, Veda has launched “Haat, Haat ma Shikshya” campaign with Khalti, a leading digital wallet in the country. The initiation is to recognize the efforts of both the teachers and students who have continued their e-learning diligently in spite of adverse conditions wrought by COVID-19.

Veda and Khalti‘s joint collaboration is aimed at creating a shared platform where both teachers and students will reveal their experiences on e-learning. The two winners of the competition will grab a brand new laptop worth Rs. 50,000 each while many other exciting prizes are up for grabs for the runner-ups.

The campaign is sponsored by Khalti and is open to all educators and learners around the country. To participate, interested candidates must make a video of 30 seconds or long sharing the experience of virtual classes. Students are to share their experience of learning while teachers will reveal their own about class management.


The winners of the Main Title will be titled the Veda Guru and future Leaders. They will be presented to a teacher and a student respectively. Likewise, they will be bringing home a brand new laptop each worth Rs. 50,000. Meanwhile, the top four runner-ups will receive a cash prize of Rs. 5,000 in their Khalti account.

Similarly, the New on the Block award will be presented with one year free Veda subscription worth Rs. 50,000 along with Rs. 10,000 transferred into their Khalti account.

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To recognize the efforts of teachers and students …

“Veda introduced ‘Haat, Haat ma Shikshya’ in collaboration with Khalti Digital Wallet to celebrate and recognize the efforts of teachers and students in continuing education even in the times of COVID and disruptions caused by pollution. Through this Facebook campaign, we also aim to raise awareness on the importance of making education and learning digital’, said Nirdesh Dwa Co-Founder and CEO at Veda.

Talking about the same, Khalti’s Merchan and Business Growth Manager, Mr. Pawal Kharel said, “A few years ago, if you had told me all students around the world would stay home and attend schools, this would have been a difficult thing to digest. However, things have changed now! Our partnership has made it possible to study from home using the Veda app and pay school fees online from Khalti. We have collaborated with Veda in Haat, Haat ma Shikshya campaign with the aim of encouraging students and teachers to adopt the new digital method of learning and making payments from home. We believe that this program will help to spread the benefits of learning through online platforms particularly during COVID-19 ”.

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There is no entry fee charged for participation in the “Haat, Haat Ma Shikshya” campaign. However, the participants must like the Facebook page of both the Khalti and Veda apps and submit their videos from 23rd June to 23rd July of 2021 to be eligible in the contest. Additionally, the participants are also required to post their video content in their Facebook timeline with the hashtag #HaatHaatmaShikshya, #GoDigitalwithVeda, and #Khalti4DigitalNepal

If you were seeking a perfect medium to share your virtual class experience, Veda has brought it for you. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can let everybody know about your online class experiences with the rest from all over the country. Hurry up and take your lead. Besides, you will also be vying for exciting prizes. If you have any queries regarding the competition, let us know in the comments below.

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