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A TV Remote with forever running battery launched at CES 2023

At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, another innovation has been unveiled and this time it’s a TV remote with forever running battery. TW Electronics introduced the remote for Google TV.

The remote is backed by technology that allows it to self-charge with the light.

The innovative remote could end the pain of remotes suddenly halting to work due to batteries running out of juice. Especially, when a pair of batteries is not immediately available, the irritation gets worse. Although there are universal remotes available for smartphones, they are no guarantee that they work for all. But a remote that works ‘without batteries’ in a traditional sense is a major leap in itself.

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TW Electronics Launched the Self-Charging Remote for Google TV

The said remote manufactured by TW Electronics is catered for Google TV. It uses a regular remote layout as the Google TV remote with the charging mechanism being its distinguisher.

 “Excited to announce the launch of a self-charging, battery-free #remotecontrol powered by indoor light. Developed with #Exeger, the device is #GoogleTV ready and easily integrated into your existing system. Get in touch with us for more details,” the company said in a tweet.

The remote gets a photovoltaic panel enabling it to self-charge using indoor light. The panel for the innovative remote is provided by Exeger, a Swedish solar cell maker.

Interestingly, it’s not the first time ever. Samsung already has its own self-charging remote for Google TV as well.

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When Will TW Electronics’ Google TV Remote Launch?

TW Electronics has not yet released the launch date for the remote. But the company is quite excited regarding its launch. So, we expect the remote to hit the consumer market soon in the near future. Once available, TV owners will no longer have to worry about their remote going out of power.

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