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Traffic Police introducing a new app to pay Traffic fines online.

Metropolitan Traffic Police is set to launch a new app which would facilitate people to pay their traffic fines online. Previously, they had to stand In long lines in order to pay the fines and get the clearance but now, it’s made easy for people thanks to new software being introduced.

The software is named TVRS(Traffic Violence Record System) is set to be launched within some weeks. According to SSP Bhim Dhakal, it’s already been 7 months since the development of software had started.

The app would integrate esewa and online banking system into their system along with some other digital wallets. The paid money would be deposited on the respective Government’s revenues account.

According to Dhakal, due to development of technology, transportation management has become more effective and could be carried out easily, even with fewer resources and workforce.

Previously, there has already been a system introduced where people can file online-request regarding lost vehicles and vehicles related documents. On average, 400 online application are being received since the introduction of this system. Previously, people had to stand in lines and the number of applicants was roughly 150 per day.


It’s a great initiative by Metropolitan Traffic Police to bring this concept into action. Since technology and innovation are taking place of old manual work on each and every sector imaginable, it’s good to see Traffic Police is shifting their service towards online and making it convenient for people.

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