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How To Search On Google Like A Pro? Learn 5 Tips

Did you know that you can Google like a pro and cut down all the hassles of going through multiple web pages to find your most relevant content? We all go to the world’s best search engine for information, but we do not use the right tips and tricks to find the results that save us time and also rings up the right results. Here, we will share 5 important search tips that could upgrade your Google search experience.

Google search has become a very common aspect on the internet. There is barely a day that passes by without us searching for something on Google. The more we stay online, the more we are likely to search for something on Google be it music, movies, or any information.

Since Google inc. also owns Android OS, it comes as the default search engine on smartphones running the open-source OS. Google has become synonymous with the internet because of its high use frequency and the stats are also staggering.

Google is the most viewed website on the internet with 92.5 billion counts. Every second Google processes 40,000 search queries on average. This amounts to 3.5 billion searches a single day and mammoth1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

One of the reasons it is so popular is due to its usability. It is marked for the easy and basic interface. Since its inception in late 1998, Google has served the internet goers with the easiest interface. The home page comprises the iconic single field where we enter our search queries and a button to search.  While its simplicity is its greatest asset, Google does all the complex work in the background.

Google has formed a very powerful set of algorithms that produces the results most relevant to its users based on their location and their search history over the internet. Google integrates virtually the whole eco-system on Android smartphones which helps to keeps track of users’ online search behavior and its continuous synchronization with Google servers means every time you search a query, it is able to curate the results you would prefer much. It does not miss often.

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This is the easiest method to get the right search results for your queries. It is more suitable when your search query consists of longer phrases. All you have to do is enclose your phrase within quotation marks ( “…”).

If you search on Google with the quotation marks, it gives you the results (sites) that will contain the exact phrases inside it. It helps you save time searching for the right site as well as bring results that could possibly have the right information or content you are looking for.

For an instance, if you are looking for any site that lets you know about the general “issues in Pokhara”, you will put the phrase within the quotes and hit searches. The results will show the sites that have the exact phrase inside them.

This search method is beneficial to those who need information pertaining to specific areas such as education, health, sports, etc. It will make you more productive on Google searches and help save lots of time as well. Make sure you try out this method next time when your search includes three or more words.

2. Exclude Certain Words

When we start searching on Google, it shows 10 websites on the first page and there are countless beyond that we do not even bother. Although the search results even come in 6 digits, we barely go beyond the first page. So to cut time and find the results which are most relevant to us, we can exclude certain words.

If you add a – symbol followed by a word or phrase, it will exclude those that you enter after the hyphen symbol.

For example, if you intend to learn about Pokhara as a city and not about other institutions, or services, you can enter Pokhara followed by a space then the hyphen. If you want more words to exclude follow through with the same steps as in the image.

Caution: For it work you must give a space after your keyword then us ethe hyphen and without giving any space add the word you do not want embedded in your resulting webpages.

If you search the following query, it will not produce results about any institutions or businesses that start with “Pokhara.”

This is another hack you can exploit to limit search results and get those sites in return that offer you most use.

boolean search is another hack that will enable your to Google like a pro. This method consists of using either Or and AND is searches to derive the search results. Find out how.

When you search on Google, its engine tries to look for results that include all your phrases. However, sometimes you may not need the results that include all in your query if you are using them only to get more results. In such a situation, you can separate your phrase using OR in the middle.

For example, if you are content with the set of results upon the query that includes both draw and paint, you can search on Google with the phrase how to draw OR paint. It will produce the results that will contain the word either draw or paint only. Then you can choose any website to proceed with next.

Likewise, if you want your search results to include both the phrases you can use AND adjust your search. Using AND will return the results that will have both words combined in it.

Google Search Using AND

4. All Words In Text

Use this Google hack to find the list of web pages that include all the text you type in the search bar. To execute it, you need to type allintext: followed by your phrase. This seems to be similar to the Explicit Search we listed earlier. However, there is a key difference.

Unlike explicit search, this trick would produce results that will contain words not consecutively but in random within the page.

For example, you can type allintext: arsenic in water in Nepal to learn about the issue of arsenic in water in the country.

5. All Words In The Title

If you want to get the web pages that include all the keywords or phrases you enter in your search query, then enter allintitle: followed by your phrase with no space. This will draw you the web pages that will contain all the phrases of your query but not in exact order.

For example, if you want to know types of tropical fruits found or buy them, you can enter allintitle: tropical fruits Nepal

Google is a vast galaxy of web pages. It contains well over a billion sites on the web and every time we go on Google to search, we draw too many sites that we do not even bother with. That is why learning search tips can be beneficial and creative. It will save our time and help us find web pages that are more relevant to us.

These were the top 5 useful tips to upgrade your search habit and help you Google like a pro. But, there are many other tricks that enhance your google search experience. If you use any other tips that are missing here, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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