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TikTok Video Contest for Local Election | Win Rs.50,000

  • Election Commission Launches TikTok Video Contest for Local Election to promote election education
  • Participants need to use and edit the video by the Commission
  • Winners can earn up to 50,000 in cash prize

The Election Commission has announced the TikTok video contest for the approaching local election. The winners who make the most appealing video will earn up to fifty thousand in cash prize. There is more. keep reading for more details.

Nepalese are voting in the local elections on Baisakh 30. On this occasion, the Election Commission has launched a TikTok video contest to raise mass awareness. In this contest, the participants need to edit a video and make it informative. They will use the videos shared by the Election Commission.

Interested participants can make the TikTok video and submit it by 29th Baisakh. The idea is to promote election education and raise awareness regarding the polls.

The video in this competition must be informative and contribute positively to the elections. Original videos are already shared by the Election Commission on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Users can also send the video in its original format without turning it into a TikTok video. Then, they must share the video on various other social media to rake in more views which also spreads awareness.

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Earn up to 50,000 | TikTok Video Contest for Local Election

Winners are determined as per the views their video receive and the prize is also handed over accordingly.

For a video that pulls in over 50 lakh views, the video maker will earn fifty thousand. Similarly, the video that gets 30 lakh and 20 lakh views will get 30 thousand, and 20 thousand in prize money.

ViewsPrize money
50 lakhRs.50,000
30 lakhRs.30,000
20 lakhRs.20,000

How willing are you to participate in the local election? Will be making a video so as to raise mass awareness regarding the polls? Share with others in the comments below.

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