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Telemedicine service inaugurated in Hariwan Municipality

Hariwan Municipality has begun telemedicine service as part of the initiative to extend health services in the area. Now, the people in the city will be able to get medical counseling via audio/visual platforms.

The telemedicine service was inaugurated with a video chat between diabetes and thyroid specialist Dr. Jyoti Bhattarai, and Kanchimaya, a resident of Hariwan-4. More than 100 patients are being checked every month by Narendra Mainali.

Under the specialist service program of the Hariban Municipality, over 100 patients are getting check-ups by Dr. Narendra Mainali.

As the regular checkup facility approaches the third month, Dr. Arun Kunwar is conducting mental health checkups and free medicine distribution. In addition to this, a three-day training program on children’s mental illness has also been completed.

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Over 150 provided with orientation training | Telemedicine in Hariwan Municipality

Likewise, over 150 health workers, people’s representatives, and teachers have been provided with orientation training. After examining the health of 164 mental patients, 10-12 mental patients of serious nature were identified and recommended for further treatment.

Hariban Municipality has extended its gratitude to the specialist doctors who assisted in conducting the telemedicine service. The local body thanked Dr. Arun Kunwar, Dr. Narendra Mainali, Dr. Jyoti Bhattarai, etc. Likewise, Amit Jha, Kumar Bhattarai, and Yuvraj Budhathoki who helped with technical assistance and other management were also thanked. Check out: Hamro Patro starts Telehealth service in Changunarayan

Telemedicine is a modern and smart way of providing medical services online. In this mode of service, patients interact with specialist doctors over an audio/visual chat where the latter can offer suggestions, and prescribe medicines online. Those who have difficulty traveling or want an urgent solution without being physically available at hospitals or clinics can find this service ideal.

How ideal do you find telemedicine service? Internet and other online services are growingly used in health services while the 5G era is also thought to enable remote surgery. Do you think technology must be more rapidly integrated to provide services in remote areas of Nepal? Do share in the comments section below.

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