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Find Out the Technologies Used at FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar

Technology and innovation have been part of the Football World Cup since its beginning and this time it is no exception. The tournament in Qatar is lavished with advanced technologies aimed at bringing a unique experience to those at the stadiums as well as those watching the matches at home. So, before the match begins in Qatar, let’s take a quick look at which technologies will be on display during the games.

The games will be played across 8 stadiums and are backed up by all the bells and whistles modern technology can afford. From cooling to semi-automated offside calls, to demountable stadiums, Qatar is not just hosting the games but also exhibiting innovations for the world to witness. Below, we explore some of the major technologies used at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.   

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Technologies Used at FIFA World Cup 2022

Advanced Cooling Technology

The temperature was always a concern for all even when the country was announced as the winner to host the tournament. But Qatar has responded with an advanced cooling technology to keep the temperature tolerable. Seven of the eight stadiums will use the technology that will maintain a cool atmosphere for players and fans.

The Khalifa Stadium in Doha
The Khalifa Stadium in Doha will be among the eight stadiums to use the revolutionary cooling technology

The stadium (Stadium 974) won’t employ the technology because is naturally ventilated. The venue is near the coast and hence no need for manmade tech.

How does it work?

Qatar has built an energy center near the stadium. The facilities flush chilled water via pipelines to the venue. When it arrives, cool air is then forced to the pitch and the stands. Various technologies have been used before inside the stadiums to maintain temperature but it is the first time such a technology is used.

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The official World Cup ball

Al Rihla is the official Football World Cup ball in Qatar and is a particularly innovative product. And it’s not just a ball to get kicked around, it features a “connected ball” technology that could form a core part of later tournaments. Al Rihla is a connected ball tech that relays real-time data to VAR match officials. Additionally, it also connects with FIFA’s Semi-automated offside technology (in detail, below). It also has Adidas Suspension System with a motion sensor inside. cool!!

Al Rihla Football World Cup 2022 Official Matchball
Al Rihla, the official mothball of the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar features a “connected ball” technology with a motion sensor in the middle inside it

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Demountable stadium

One of the venues for the World Cup 2022, Stadium 974 is fully demountable. The stadium is built of shipping containers and modular steel frames. It doesn’t compromise on aesthetics though and is cheaper for fewer materials it used to construct but may only be there temporarily. The stadium will host seven World Cup matches till Round 16 then wait on its future verdict.

Stadium 974 Football World Cup 2022
Stadium 974 is a demountable venue made up of shipping containers and steel frames

Semi-automated offside technology

FIFA has announced that the 2022 World Cup will feature Semi-automated offside technology. The AI-powered technology directly helps the referees make fast and accurate offside decisions.

How does it work?

The technology involves 12 tracking cameras across the stadium, and the motion sensor from inside the match ball supplying real-time feed.  The generated offside alerts are sent to the Video Assistant Referee whenever the ball is played to another player in an offside position. The benefit? It spares long VAR replays to determine the offside call, facilitating a smooth match flow.

Semi-automated offside technology World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup features Semi-automated offside technology which helps referees make faster and more accurate decisions

Bonocle: For the sight-challenged

This World Cup also accommodates Football fans who are visually impaired. Bonocle, a revolutionary product that converts digital content to Braille will give specially-abled people access to the content. Bonocle is part of Challenge 22, a contest launched by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) in Qatar.

“Bonocle will enable the blind community all over the world to experience the World Cup in 2022 in new ways that were never available before. It will improve their ability to move around Doha with fewer restrictions, and more freedom to navigate and interact,” said the founders, Ramy and Abdulrazek.

Bonocle, one of the Technologies Used at FIFA World Cup 2022
Bonocle, a device that converts digital connect into Braille making the content accessible to the visually-impaired

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FIFA Football World Cup begins on November 20 with the inaugural match played out between the host Qatar against Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor in Doha.

You can share with us which technology excites you most currently used at World Cup 2022 in Qatar in the comments below.

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