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Start Providing Data Packs for Fintech – NTA tells Telcos

Telecom regulator NTA has called on service providers to provide dedicated data packs for fintech. As online transactions become a common behavior, the need for continuous connectivity has become the norm. Having data packs would greatly facilitate people to engage in online payments without bothering with tariffs.

The demand for data packs for fintech (Financial Technology) has kept going on for a while.

In the same vein, telecom authority Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has urged service providers to provide data packs for fintech services.

In a program “Tax on Telecommunications Service” organized in Kathmandu, NTA Chairperson Purushottam Khanal discussed about this topic.

He said the regulator is always committed to taking the necessary steps to expand online payment services. 

Mr. Khanal said, “If online transactions require special data packs, then the authority will facilitate in the process. We encourage telecom service operators to launch such data packs for their customers.”

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Data Packs for Fintech to facilitate convenient transactions

The idea of special data packs for online payment services followed another high-ranking official’s proposal at the ceremony. Previously,  Guruprasad Poudel, Executive Director of the Payment System Department at NRB had mentioned the need for dedicated offers for fintech. He had called on telecom companies to cater to their customer’s fintech targeted data packs to help promote its expansion.

In response, NTA Chair Khanal had said that the regulator is positive about the matter. He also shared that carrier providers have been directed to provide dedicated data packs for fintech.

Mobile banking, digital wallets, share market, interoperability, and cross-border payments have all contributed to ever-increasing online transactions in Nepal. Fintech is booming and it requires uninterrupted connectivity to facilitate convenient online transactions.

Dedicated data packs will help mobile users stay online and perform transactions anywhere on the go which is also the hallmark of online payment. Let’s hope operators launch such offers soon.

What is your take on dedicated data packs for online payment services? Do leave your opinion in the comments below.

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