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SCT Changes Logo, Promises Services Improvements

SmartChoice Technologies also known as SCT has announced itself with a new logo. The Kathmandu-based payment service operator has promised better and improved services as it embarks into the new Nepali year 2079.  

Also known as SCT Network, the company provides cards and payment platforms to most commercial banks, PSPs, and other Fin-Tech enterprises in Nepal. And with a new logo design, the company is also relishing its new challenges and services.

Likewise, with the logo change, the company has also said that it has integrated different services into one central platform.

SCT in essence has made a significant contribution to the growth and infrastructure of digital transactions in Nepal. And it has an array of services to provide to the Nepali Fin-Tech industry.

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SCT, One of the leaders in Nepal’s Fin-Tech

The company is a pioneer in introducing the integrated shared switching payment network in Nepal. It has been offering a very exhaustive list of services in the Fin-Tech in Nepal. This includes payment services such as Issuance of Dual Interface (Contact and Contactless) Debit and Prepaid Card (Domestic and International) and Interconnection of ATM & POS.

In addition, SCT also provides interoperability among banks and financial institutions (BF/Is), gateway to international schemes, QRC payment system, etc.

The company was founded in 2001 and is known as SCT or SCT Network. It is licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank as a payment service operator.

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The company says its purpose is to meet the expectation and needs of Nepalese consumers, banks, PSPs, merchants’ eco-system, and other domestic digital platforms. Needlessly to say, in the growingly digital Nepal, its role will gain more prominence as more and more Nepalese resort to digital means for payment.

How often do you use digital means to perform transactions? Is it more convenient for you than paying with cash? Leave a comment below.

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