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SCT and Sulav Pay collaborate enabling Smart QR payment

Smart Choice Technologies shortly known as SCT and Sulav Pay (N-Cash digital wallet) have joined hands to allow Smart QR transactions on the digital wallet.

The agreement was reached at an event recently held in Kathmandu. Prakash Bhuju, the CEO of SCT, and Satish Pokharel, Managing Director of Sulav Pay signed the agreement papers.

With the partnership, Sulav Pay users will be able to transact through Smart QR. The merchants will also have the ability to receive payment through the SCT-made QR system.

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SCT has been serving in Nepal for 20 years with its contribution to payment cards. It has remained one of the key vehicles of Nepal’s fintech evolution and its digital transformation. N-Cash, on the other hand, is a fast-growing digital wallet built by Sulav Pay.

Both companies believe their partnership will add another dimension to enrich Nepal’s growing digital economy landscape.

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