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Sanima Bank starts educational loan approval letter with QR

Sanima Bank has started issuing educational loan approval letters with QR codes. The service will bring students much-needed convenience to process their loans at various agencies. The bank has become the first in Nepal to introduce such a facility.

The documents with QR codes will make the process faster and more efficient. Students need to visit many different institutions while processing their student visas abroad. This also includes hectic and frequent trips for educational loans. The QR code allows them to verify their bank documents much faster helping them save time and hassle.

Currently, the loan work is done via phone or email. It can be time-consuming and short of discomfort for many. From now on, students can get their loan approval letter verified by scanning the QR code on the letter and receive loans from anywhere in the world.

The bank expects the service to make the Visa process straightforward and faster for students. Also read: Sanima Bank Starts Visa Direct Service | Easy Money Transfer

The bank’s education loan is available from all of its branches.

It offers up to 1 crore loans at an affordable interest rate for up to 15 years.

Sanima Bank is a Class A commercial bank in Nepal. It provides services through its 130 offices and 123 ATM outlets across the country.

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