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Lost Your Mobile/Internet Banking Password? Retrieve it at Home

If you lost or forgot your password for SMS Banking, Internet, or Mobile Banking you need not worry. Nepal Rastra Bank has issued a reformed directive that allows you to solve your password issues without having to go to the bank.

Amending the former ruling, NRB issued a new set of circular last Thursday. With these, customers will receive service relating to forgotten or lost passwords at home without being physically present at the bank.

Previously customers would have to walk to their concerned bank in case of forgotten passwords. It caused discomfort and annoyance on their part. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, banks were shut or partially open which left many people out of service. Now this ruling will spare people their precious time and acquire the service right at home.

Currently, NRB is developing a system that will facilitate users for this service. NRB issued this directive along with another relating to the inter-bank ATM charge.

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