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Renew Mero Share with Khalti for Free

Now you can renew Mero Share with Khalti without any charge. Digital Wallet Khalti has brought the facility to cash in on the growing attraction towards the stock market.

So far, users had been paying Rs.50 to renew their Mero Share accounts. With Khalti bringing this offer, the account holders can renew their account for free.

That means this offer is not only for new users. Khalti users who have already renewed their Mero Share accounts for one or more years can still renew their account for a further one year for free.

Khalti says it is a one-time offer and will be effective till Chaitra 2.

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Offer to encourage more entry to the share market

Khalti’s CEO Binay Khadka says this offer will encourage a maximum number of potential enthusiasts to enter the share market. As of now, there are over 4 million Mero Share users. But the way each IPO is creating a buzz, the number of Mero Share account holders will only rise in the coming days and months.

The offer comes in form of cashback. That means, when you renew your Mero Share account for Rs.50, you will get the same amount back in cashback.

The offer allows you cash back for a one-year renewal of Mero Share. But if you want, you can renew your account for up to 5 years in advance.

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Mero Share is an essential account for second market players and IPO applicants. The app allows users to check on new IPO issuance, and stores all data related to the user’s share transactions. A Mero Share account, by default, expires in one year and the user has to renew it to receive the offered services.

Are you eager to seize the opportunity and renew your Mero Share account with Khalti for free? Ask what you need to know in the comments below.

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