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Recommendation of vehicle document is now available online

The vehicle document recommendation (sawarisadhan pratilipi sifaris) will now be available online. The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has prepared its online service for the public in the capital.

The service of vehicles’ document copy is available at this link. In case someone loses their driving license, vehicle registration bluebook, or another such document, they won’t have to visit the traffic office. The service has also been made possible electronically. to acquire the service, one needs to fill in an online form with the concerned individual’s ID card.

As per the traffic office, the person who fills up an online form will be provided with the document of the recommendation after 72 hours. It says the online service is brought with the objective of providing an efficient service, saving time for all, and working towards smart traffic services using advanced technology.

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Apps such as Nagarik App, and Khalti have added multiple services relating to vehicles that help people with a number of services online. You can renew the vehicle’s registration and pay taxes on Nagarik App. Likewise, Khalti has introduced a service that allows people to pay for their Bluebook renewal. They can also get the document renewed and delivered on order.

Essentially, as the government promotes the Digital Nepal ethos, digital service providers are also bringing new and innovative ideas to offer services online related to vehicles in Nepal.

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