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Pokhara International Airport is ready, says Aero Thai Report

Pokhara International Airport is ready for take-off. Aero Thai which operated calibration flights declared in its report to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) that the ambitious airport is ready for operation.

The company submitted its report on Thursday, December 15. The authority says that the report affirmed the airport’s state for commercial operation. Likewise, the report allows the regulating body to call for airline companies to start boarding their flights from Pokhara.

CAAN spokesman Jagannath Niraula said that the authority will announce a notice targeting foreign airline companies.

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Pokhara International Airport is ready to start commercial services

“The calibration flight report indicated that the airport and equipment are fine. Now we will inform the international market that Pokhara International Airport is operational,’ he said, ‘most airline companies will submit the plan only after issuing a letter 56 days in advance.’

At the same time, many domestic service providers have started their preparation for flights. The companies have also started training for flight operations from the airport which should begin on January 1.

Currently, the preparation involves standard safety protocols, mock drills, and ground safety.

Buddha Air and Himalaya Airlines are slated to start the inaugural international flights from the newly made airport. Saurya, Gun, and others will operate domestic flights from the same venue. Check out: Gautam Buddha International Airport Begins Operations

The Pokhara Regional International Airport is expected to become a milestone addition to Nepal’s economy and prop up Pokhara’s local tourism as well.

Buddha Air is scheduled to inaugurate the first flight from the airport to Vanarashi, India.

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