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Pay Your Traffic Fines Online Using E-Sewa

Finally, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has inaugurated an online payment system for traffic rules violators. With this, you will be able to pay your traffic fines online using digital payment platforms. This will facilitate traffic offenders to pay online without worrying about changes or forgotten wallets on-the-go. The system was in development for months, and it was launched at a program yesterday.

Speaking at the even, Senior Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai, chief of the MTPD, said that the system incorporates a close eco-system between Traffic Division Violation Record System, Revenue Management Information System. He further added, the system will allow online payment and rule breachers will have their fines deducted from the bank account.

With the government’s Digital Nepal Framework gaining momentum, this will add another emphasis on digital payments. In post COVID-19 scenario online transactions have become the norm and this will only put more emphasis on online systems of pay.

With the implementation of this new system, traffic rule violators won’t have to stand in long queues at the banks to pay. Thus, it will also help maintain social distance and reduce the crowd at banks which have become the norm these days. It will be more convenient to clear the charges on the spot for commuters that will save time as well.

How To Pay Your Traffic Fines Using E-Sewa and IPS Connect?

Paying online is simple. However, the system has just been launched, there is a limitation in the number of service providers. Currently, “the violators can pay their fines via E-Sewa and IPS Connect. But to render this service within everyone’s reach, the MTPD is negotiating with other digital platforms, and soon they will be adding other digital wallets.” Said the MTPD Chief.

Users of E-Sewa and IPS Connect will see Traffic Police Fine Payment option added on the apps’ interface. Through which they can pay their fines instantly.

To do this however, “one requires an account on E-Sewa and IPS Connect and must be logged in. After you click on Traffic Police Fine Payment, you will need to input the chit number provided by the traffic police and select the fiscal year. After payment is successful, they can visit the traffic police office later to collect their documents.”

Check the screenshots below for E-Sewa references.

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Metro Traffic Police Division charges fines for offenses such as drunk driving, lane rules violations, crossing the red line, etc, and are subsequently recruited for awareness sessions.

What is your opinion on this online payment for traffic violations? You can leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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