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Pay traffic fines with IME Pay wallet, Find out the steps

Now, it’s possible to pay traffic fines with IME Pay. The service has been added with the latest version of the popular digital wallet app.

While growing its range of services, the payment service provider added another traffic fine payment for its users.

“Like payments at the government level; You can pay taxes, pay for public services, and traffic fines. The service has been released with the objective that customers won’t have to sit in long queues and pay fines,” the company said in a statement.

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How to pay traffic fines with IME Pay?

To pay traffic fines with IME Pay, you need to first launch the app and tap on traffic fines in Government services. After entering the details, you can complete your traffic fine transaction.

IME Pay is one of the fastest-growing digital wallets in Nepal where the market. The company provides utility payments, topup, and government services payments among many others via mobile apps. Don’t forget: Top 5 Digital Wallets in Nepal: Updated (2023)

Download the IME Pay app: Android | iOS

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