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Pathao Expands Service in Chitwan, Marks its 4th Anniversary

Now, you will be able to book your ride with Pathao in Chitwan. The popular ride-sharing platform has expanded its service for the first-time outside Kathmandu. Now, people in Chitwan can use an auto or a motorbike ride for their commute.

The company brought its ride-hailing service to Chitwan on the same day it’s marking its 4th anniversary of service. Pathao began its service in Nepal on 25th September 2018.

The company has limited its ride-booking service in Kathmandu since its inception 4 years back. But now, it is ready to tap into more markets.

In the beginning, Pathao will serve with autos and motorbikes. Pathao Nepal spokesperson Surakhya Hamal says the company has not only made rides convenient but also became an employment generator for many.

 “Starting Pathao in Chitwan is essentially to offer convenience to the daily commuters. Almost all our preparations have been completed. For part-time workers, our platform is even more attractive, she shares. Since riders can work at the time of their convenience, Pathao has attracted many.”

Besides, ride-hailing, Pathao also has Pathao Food delivery service. The company delivers food from hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

How to apply to be a Pathao rider in Chitwan?

To become an authorized Pathao rider, you need to visit Pathao’s office in Kanti Chowk, Bharatpur with your blue book, and a driving license.

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Pathao in Chitwan, Find key features

Pathao is one of the leading and first ride-sharing platforms in Nepal. Besides a ride, the company also offers insurance and ensures safe riding with well-trained and certified riders. For customer service, the company operates round the clock. The Pathao app itself has an option to call up the police in a time of need.

With Pathao, every ride is tracked and the details can be shared with family and friends which can be handy for security and other reasons.

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The company offers up to Rs 10 lakh accident insurance.

Hamal says passengers who acquire service in offline mode won’t be protected by Pathao’s insurance policies and such rides can’t be guaranteed with safety protocols.

Pathao has been serving since 2018 AD and integrated taxi service since 2019 AD. The company has also added Pathao Food service for food delivery inside Kathmandu.

Have you ever booked a ride with Pathao? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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