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Nepali Online Media to Receive Public Welfare Ads

The federal government is set to provide public welfare ads to online media. At an event yesterday, MoICT Gyanendra Bahadur Karki revealed that the government will soon implement its policy that will have online media include welfare ads on their websites.

The Minister said the government is preparing for the necessary requirements for the initiative. He also demanded online media to be more proactive to become trustworthy, decorous, and accountable with their contents.

“Making our online media accountable and decorous is our need,” he said. The current government is fully committed in the favor of the press, its freedom of expression, and professional journalists. And the government will not keep a bias on online media in the promotion of online media”, he added.

Previously on Bhadra 25, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had announced that a new ordinance will have online media post public welfare advertisements.

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What Do the Public Welfare Ads Mean?

Such ads include awareness-raising information and notices for the public. Television and print media post such content in the public interest. However, there was no provision on online media to broadcast such ads. But now, they will also be posting ads prepared by the government.

Such ads include information related to COVID-19 prevention measures, unemployment issues, consumer rights, natural disasters, or celebrating special occasions among many.

The online presence of Nepalese is growing. Each month, the number of people on broadband services keeps increasing and so do their online browsing. From news to audio/video or gaming, online gaming, staying online is common these days. And online media also takes a large share of internet consumption. This is why welfare ads via such media will pass on the government’s message to a wide public and help them easily access the government’s notices. You can check on such notices here.

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Including Public Welfare advertisements will make online media more responsible and aligned with the government’s protocol for them. The public will also have a more feasible medium to stay updated with the government’s latest information issued to them.

What do you think of the online media receiving public welfare advertisements? Is it a better way to communicate the government’s public issues than by the medium? Do share your opinions with us in the comments.

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