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Nepal Telecom Celebrates its 17th Anniversary; Launches Chatbot and 4G Home broadband service.

Nepal Telecom has celebrated its 17th anniversary that falls on Magh 22 (Feb 4) every year. On the program organized in the central office of the company, the Secretary of Information and Communication ministry, Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal did the chairmanship. Similarly, Nepal Telecom launched Chatbot and 4G Wireless home broadband service.

At the following event, Information and Communication minister, Mr. Parbat Gurung was the chief guest. He said Nepal Telecom needs to be a trustworthy, faithful, and competitive organization to establish itself as a top telecommunication company.

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Suggestions from MoCIT Minister

He also provided instructions to expand the 4G service all over the country and begin testing 5G within this fiscal year. He also suggested establishing a different company to address the issues of delay in expanding the infrastructures. Similarly, he recommended prioritizing the overall management, plans, and challenges of the organization on the annual event.

Furthermore, he suggested that the company should decide its long-term plan, and to support that, it should manage the provision of a Strategic Management Partner. As technology advances to enable multiple technologies on the same infrastructure, expansion of GSM 5G service could be included in the currently available frequency. He shed the light on the fact that staff exchange is crucial for the overall development of staff and quick work progress.

In the following program, Mr. Parbat Gurung also launched the AI-supported Chatbot which provides all the information regarding the services of the company from the conversation.

In the following program, the Secretary of Information and Communication ministry, Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal suggested them to expand the 4G and FTTH service with the utmost priority. “As during the pandemic, customers have used online class, online meeting, online shopping, etc to continue humanitarian service and other tasks in a normal manner, 4G and FTTH service should be given main priority’, he added.

He also thanked the staff members and concerned authorities for their contribution to continuously provide service during difficult times.

The special guest of the event, Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) Mr. Purshottam Khanal said that the company has to not only prioritized profit but also focus on providing quality services in every corner of the country. Therefore, despite being high on the basis of SIM number (customer base), the company should be able to increase the revenue out of it.

He added that, company could benefit more from building and sharing telecom infrastructures.

4G wireless Home Broadband Service (WHBB)

Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilliram Adhikari announced of starting 4G wireless Home Broadband Service (WHBB), Machine to Machine Data and SMS pack( M2M Data and SMS Pack) service on the occasion of 17th annual event.

Ntc 4G wireless home broadband service

Customers who do not have access to FTTH or wired connection could benefit from the 4G wireless home broadband service. Those people who do not have access to FTTH or wired connection and don’t use Wi-Fi could benefit from CPE if they use the bulk amount of data. In CPE, customers could use 4G WHBB Simcard from which they could use quality and cheap data.

Currently, the price of this 4G broadband service is Rs.900 for 60 GB, Rs.1500 for 120 GB. Whereas the packages come in a yearly subscription of Rs.9600 for 720 GB and Rs.16,000 for 1440 GB.

It is expected that Machine to Machine data and SMS pack would be attractive for official purpose as tasks like Location Update, Logistics Management has been increased exponentially.

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On the same occasion, Nepal Telecom provided 7 ultramodern computers to Nepal Police for efficiently carrying out the tasks related to modern technology. Also, the company has decided to collaborate with Gangalal National Heart Center in order to change to the valve of poor and vulnerable children.

The company has honored distributors who have sold the most number of recharge cards overall 7 provinces, MPOS vendors, several artists who have promoted the company, the highest taxpayers among the different services of the company, and organizations who had collaborated with the company in order to provide health services during the pandemic.

The company had also honored the staff members who have completed 20 years of service in the company with a long-term achievement award along with the certificate.

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