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NCC Bank and MOCO Digital Wallet Partner to Allow Cards Payment

  • NCC Bank and MOCO Digital Wallet have signed an agreement to bring the facility of Visa cards payment for the bank’s customers through the wallet
  • The collaboration will help the bank promote more options for digital transactions and aid the cashless economy.

Customers of Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank can now use Moco Digital Digital Wallet for transactions via Debit and Credit cards. The service has arrived for eligible smartphone users after the two parties signed the agreement recently.

The collaboration allows the bank’s account holders to use virtual Debit and Credit cards through the app. They can utilize the feature to pay for goods or services that accept Visa card payments.

NCC Bank and Moco Wallet

The move adds another option for digital transactions to the bank’s customers in the growingly digital bank services of Nepal.  

Additionally, Users of MOCO Digital Wallet can pay at over 1,500 merchants via Visa QR code using the ‘Scan to Pay’ feature.

Moco Digital Wallet

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NCC Bank and MOCO Digital Wallet begin a digital payment partnership

Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC Bank) is one of the largest private commercial banks in Nepal which started its banking service in 1996 AD. The bank has expanded its services across the country to enhance financial inclusion in rural and urban areas of the country.

NCC Bank Visa Card

At the moment, the bank serves its customers via 156 branches, 133 ATMs, and 15 Extension Counters all over the country. Additionally, NCC Bank has established a corresponding agency relationship with over 150 international banks globally boasting a large worldwide network of banks.  

MOCO Digital Wallet is an evolving digital wallet in Nepal. The company started its ‘one kind of a wallet’ service in 2009. It is distinct from others in that the company mainly seeks to “empower all cardholders in Nepal to pay for their needs”. The Mobile Payment System (MOCO) operates in conjunction with SCT cards.

The digital wallet users can use the app for payments, book tickets, and query for balances from their bank accounts through debit cards. Check out: NCC Bank Unveils 10 Times More Deposit Scheme, Find Details

 2009, with a simple vision to empower all cardholders in Nepal to pay for all their needs. FOCUSONE Payment Solutions launched a Mobile Payment System (MOCO), which could be used in conjunction with SCT cards in May 2014. The technology-enabled registered MOCO users use their mobile phones to make payments, book tickets, and query for balances from their respective bank accounts via debit cards issued in those accounts.

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