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Nagarik App, Cura Health, and Veda on the Shortlist at the World Summit Award 2022

Nagarik App has been shortlisted for the World Summit Award 2022. The app is nominated under the Government and Citizens Engagement category. Besides the popular app, Cura Health and Veda are also on the shortlist under different categories for prestigious recognition.

The World Summit Award (WSA) is a nomination-based award system that promotes “local digital innovation improving society.” Winners of the award benefit from not a one-time monetary reward, but a “lifelong partnership and integration.”

Each country has a national WSA representation – the WSA National Expert. The expert handles local pre-selection for WSA through national contests or national Expert panel selection.

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For participation, a company has to be nominated by a WSA National Expert as the best national digital application in one of its 8 categories.

Rajan Lamsal is the WSA National Expert representing Nepal. He shared that the Nagarik App is shortlisted under Government and Citizen Engagement category. Likewise, Cura Health and Veda are shortlisted under the Health and Well-Being and Learning and Education Categories.

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World Summit Award 2022

WSA Award is organized by a non-profit organization, the International Center for New Media promoting local digital innovation.

Begun in 2003, 182 countries participated in the award ceremony. All UN-member states are eligible to participate in the awards.

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