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Microsoft Surpasses Apple to Become The Most Valuable Company

Microsoft has become the most valuable company in the world after toppling Apple Inc. This Friday, US tech giant Microsoft Corporation Pvt. Ltd eclipsed Apple Inc.’s market value to claim the pole position.

Apple’s recent fluctuations were attributable to its slump. This Friday, the company’s shares dropped by almost 4% to 147.10 per share. This lowered the company’s total market capitalization to $2.43 trillion. Although the Cupertino-based phone maker detailed strong financial earnings on Thursday but also revealed that it lost $6 billion due to supply chain arrangements.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s shares increased by 0.9% to 327.30 per share. This translated to its market capitalization of $2.45 trillion, a slim lead over Apple, which has stood atop throughout the year.

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The company has been able to show strong signs of economic vitality with its range of products. This includes Office, Windows, and cloud services, and etc.

Both Apple and Microsoft are Silicon Valley-based tech giants in the US and often clashes in terms of market valuation, although they both offer distinct products. Microsoft is more invested in Windows OS, Office packages, and cloud services. Apple, on the other hand, has piled its fortunes with its luxury iPhone, tabs, and MacBooks laptops.

Apple, The Most Valuable Company But Not The First Time

Naturally, this is not the first time Microsoft has toppled Apple off its pole perch. The famous OS maker did lead over Apple in 2018 and again reached the feat in 2020. Alphabet Inc. which owns Android and Google service has also taken the crown over Apple in 2016 for a short stint.

Apple iPhones

Despite stiff competition from surrounding Tech conglomerates, Apple Inc. has been a market leader for a while. Apple made worldwide headlines after becoming the first $1 trillion company. The leading phone maker also broke the market cap by becoming the first to become the $2 trillion public company.

Therefore, when it comes to market capitalization, Apple is the most featured crown. So it won’t be a surprise if it reclaims the pole position to become the world’s most valuable company once again.

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Although a close competition both the companies offer different range of services. Apple makes world-class iPhones and laptops and has recently ventured into the digital TV market. Microsoft meanwhile, remains a leading OS maker on Windows PC and offers Office, and cloud services. This is why they do not contest for products. In fact, they complement each other for the consumers.

If you use a laptop, then it is most obvious that you are using these companies’ services. Which are your favorite products from each company? Do let us know in the comments below.

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