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Mega Bank Integrates Nepal Pay QR | Digital Payment

Mega Bank has joined the growing network of Nepal Pay QR. With this, the users of Mega Bank’s mobile banking app, Mega Smart Banking app users can perform transactions using Nepal Pay’s QR scan on the go.

The integration of Nepal Pay QR also brings other services. Now, Mega Bank’s corporate customers can also become merchants to receive their payments or maintain their transactions via the payment processor.

In addition, the customers of the bank can check on the transactions done via Nepal Pay QR on their smart banking app. Likewise, users of the bank’s app can pay through the scan for various services and goods at stores.

The bank expects joining the network of Nepal Pay QR network helps it enhance its digital transaction service.

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Growing Network of Nepal Pay QR

Nepal Pay QR is a service developed by Nepal Clearing House Limited (NCHL). It adheres to Nepal QR Standardization and Guidelines to maintain its QR interoperability. The service was launched back in March and its network is steadfastly growing.

Mega Bank is one of the first banks to integrate Nepal Pay QR’s payment mode. Before this, Himalayan Bank, Sanima Bank, and Samriddhi Finance have already enrolled the system in their smart banking.  

Is QR payment one of your preferred modes of the transaction? Which platform offers the best Scan and Pay feature in your opinion? Share with us in the comments below.

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