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Lok Dohori App Launched, A Space for Singers to Showcase Talents

With an aim to promote all the activities revolving around folk and authentic Nepali songs, National Folk & Duet Song Academy Nepal (Rastriya Lok Tatha Dohori Pratishthan) has launched the Lok Dohori app. The app is expected to be a platform for artists to display their talent and form a network to gain higher exposure. The app was launched on April 10.

The Lok Dohori app will provide all the information and updates regarding Nepali folk songs (Lok Dohori songs) and everything taking place at the academy. The app is launched with a view to using digital means for authentic Nepali song promotion among smartphone users.

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Lok Dohori app features:

The app has launched with useful features. You can share your status with a media file. Search for people, pages, or groups, add new friends, etc. You can also send or receive funds just like in a wallet.

The app has a two-factor authentication feature for protection. To implement it, you need to enter the code sent to your registered mail id.

Using the app is very easy thanks to its user-friendly UI. Academy says that the app will get more features over time.

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A space for Nepali artists and singers

Regarding the app, its Play Store description reads, “A platform like Lokdohori app can definitely provide a space for Nepali artists and singers to showcase their talents and gain more visibility. By bringing together a diverse range of artists, the app can also create opportunities for collaboration and networking, which can help to further develop the Nepali music industry”.

The app will be a feasible means for fans to discover new artists and songs and support their work with in-app purchases features or donations.

Download the Lok Dohori app for your Android phone from this link.

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