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Lalitpur Metropolitan Bans TikTok in Patan Durbar Square

Lalitpur Metropolitan has banned TikTok in Patan Durbar Square after the growth of users making ‘inappropriate videos’ at the World Heritage Site. Now, users will require permission to make short videos on the popular app.

Dissatisfaction over the ‘improper’ videos is nothing new to TikTok. And the instances of the app ban have also grown.

Previously, TikTok was banned in multiple religious places such as Lumbini, Pashupatinath Temple, Bouddhanath Stupa, Janaki Temple in Janakpur, Gadhimai Temple in Bara, etc. Lalitpur Metro has been the latest to take action on the Chinese short-video-sharing platform.

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TikTok is banned in Patan Durbar Square after the locals’ complaint

The local government’s spokesman Raju Maharjan said, “We banned TikTok in Patan Durbar Square after the locals nearby the area complained of users making illicit videos. We banned the use of the app to control such behavior on the premises.”

We usually see conscious citizens disapproving of youth making videos at religious sites. It’s a common scenario too. Besides TikTok videos, users are found to be shooting films without permission, and performing ‘parkour’ and other stunts on and around sculptures.

The culturally sensitive legion has often been left bemused by the incessant video-making demography who completely immerse themselves in their moves indifferent to the sensitivities of the area.

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Not for all!

But the ban may not apply to all. Maharjan said that we have no complaint against anybody who makes TikTok videos in a civil manner.

Do you think people let their fun get the better of their sensitivities while making TikTok videos, or it should be accepted? You can share your perspective on the matter in the comments below.  

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