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Khalti Offers 10% VAT Refund for WorldLink Users

Khalti has announced a 10% VAT refund for WorldLink users on payment through its app and web service. The scheme will benefit more than 6.5 lakh of WorldLink users around the country who use Khalti to pay for their internet plans renewal.

The scheme comes through the finance bill 2076 by the then Finance Minister Mr. Yuvraj Khatiwada, Khalti’a initiation with the Inland Revenue Department, and WorldLink’s own act on it. Both Khalti, and WorldLink, leading in their own fields, aims at promoting the digital economy and reinforcing the common mission of Digital Nepal.

It is also noteworthy that WorldLink has acquired a 40% ownership in Khalti, which significantly helps both companies to carry out the mission for digital Nepal.

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Before, the 10% VAT refund, Khalti has been offering 1.5% cashback and Rs.100 off for its users on WorlLink bill payments. Khalti users have been receiving Rs.100 off by using the promo code GOCASHLESS while paying for their WorldLink package.

Khalti says its VAT Refund for WorldLink users will uplift and directly benefit 650,000 WorldLink Households. But Khalti users need to beware that the VAT refund offered on 10% of the 13% charged on the taxable amount to consumer ID for residential users. It means the corporate and enterprise subscribers won’t receive the VAT Refund benefit.

What is said?

Regarding the VAT Refund offer, Mr. Binay Khadka, Chief Executive Officer of Khaltishared, “This service will definitely accelerate our vision to bring financial inclusion to all Nepalese. Along with this, we’ll be working on many more innovations collaborating with the government and other bodies to bring more unique services and facilities.

Speaking about the same, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sah, group CFO of WorldLink Communications Limitedshared:

Khalti, as a payment partner of Worldlink, has been offering various cashback offers to Worldlink users. I believe, in addition to existing offers, the VAT refund offer will massively contribute to the common goal of Digital Nepal and encourage Worldlink users to pay online through Khalti.”

Khalti is a 5 years old payment service provider which has evolved into the second-largest payment service provider in Nepal. It is currently serving over 2 million people who pay for services via their smartphone app. It offers payment solutions for the internet, TV, insurance, government services, etc. Recently, FonePay has integrated into Khalti, marking a new Fin-Tech milestone in Nepal.

Will the VAT Refund for WorldLink users scheme force you to pay for a WorldLink subscription via Khalti? Do let us know in the comments below.

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