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Khalti Digitizing Women-led Businesses To Promote Growth

Khalti has lent its hand in digitizing women-led businesses in collaboration with INGOs. With the cause, Khalti is motivating women to use the digital payment to promote and expand their various enterprises.

Khalti has joined its hands with UNCDF and UNESCAP to digitize and empower women-led Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The initiative helps women be productive and upgrade their businesses via trainings, and workshops. The underlying objective of the initiative is to help women achieve economic independence for their personal growth.

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Khalti Offering free Digital Marketing

“It was an honor to make our little contribution in empowering and digitizing women-led businesses. We believe our (Khalti) training will help them to promote their sales more efficiently and grow their business” said Project Co-ordinator of Khalti Digital Wallet, Mr. Prabhat Kumar Jha.

He further added, “We have also introduced MSMEs to Khalti’s hyperlocal marketplace i.e. Khalti bazaar. It provides free digital marketing of their services and products for increasing their sales” added Mr. Jha.

Snegdhata Shrestha, one of the participants from the workshop said, “Working with Khalti, UNDCF, and UNESCAP has been both personally and professionally delightful for me and our members. We, SABAH Nepal and The Village by SABAH are grateful to be a part of this phenomenal campaign. MSMEs indeed need such support to sustain and grow effectively.”

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Bank Account, Bulk Payments, SMS etc.

To digitize their businesses, Khalti has helped women create bank accounts at zero cost. The payment gateway has been conducting The digital financial literacy training program has helped women realize the benefits of receiving and making digital transactions. It has boosted their confidence and productivity too.

Besides, Khalti has also been providing bulk payment services to transfer payment from WOMEN MSMEs organization into individual accounts of working women.

Similarly, Khalti has treated the participants with up to 4% of cashback. On each top-up, Khalti QRs for free, and 500 SMS to help them promote their businesses. Check out: QR code payment is increasing in Nepal

Adopting digital payment into businesses bring convenience and saves time. It improves people’s experience and makes them productive. However, a large part of Nepali businesses has not resorted to digital payment methods for their lack of interest or knowledge. Helping them realize its benefits could drastically save their time and improve their productivity. We can thank Khalti for its participation in this cause to raise awareness about digital payment methods for working women.

Khalti Digital Wallet is still conducting training and workshop on digitizing and empowering MSMEs. If you want to join the program, you can contact Khalti on their social media handles.

What is your take on Khalti’s social participation? Do you believe digital payment should be the norm in all businesses soon? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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