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Now You Can Use IME Pay in Nepali Language, Learn How to

From now on, you can use IME Pay in Nepali language too. The company has added the national language on the digital wallet app to make sure that no one is left behind in benefiting from the financial transaction.

IME Pay says the use of the common lingua franca will displace any remaining inconvenience arising from the language barrier. With the Nepali language option, more features are also being added to the popular Nepali app o the occasion of the New Year 2023.

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How to use IME Pay in Nepali language?

To use IME Pay in Nepali language, you need to choose your preferred option language. You have the option of English and Nepali to choose from. If you launch it after downloading, you can get the option to choose the language at the beginning. If you are an existing user, then you need to update the app to get the added language option.

use IME Pay in Nepali language
IME Pay in Nepali language

Existing users can activate the Nepali language after clicking on the profile. Then in the top right corner, there is the option to choose the language. Users need to update the app first to have the Nepali language option.

The integration of the Nepali language means that now users can use the services on the app in their preferred language. The company expects ‘Nepali’ to make it comfortable for users to use the app.

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IME Pay services

IME Pay is one of Nepal’s fast-growing digital wallet service providers. The app allows receiving remittances from abroad, and other regular digital wallet services. The app also provides users with 7.13 percent interest on the amount the user has on the app.

Are you happy with the introduction of the Nepali language on the IME Pay app? Will you make the switch to the national language? Do share in the comments below.

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