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IFR in Pokhara International Airport, night flights to start

Pokhara International Airport has begun its IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flights. The system will allow for night flights to take off from the recently inaugurated airport in Kaski.

With the IFR system in place, airplanes will be able to fly 18 hours from 6 am in the morning to 12 am in midnight, PIA Chief Bikram Raj Gautam said.

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IFR in Pokhara International Airport

After the start of IFR-based flights, planes boarding domestic flights under the Visual Flight Rules will need to shift to the IFR system. It has been made mandatory; Gautam shared.

Likewise, IFR will make it easy for landing. Especially, for night flights, the system will be more beneficial.

After the registration of the airport at ICAO, the IFR system has been implemented.

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What is IFR in aviation?

IFR in aviation is a fully automated system. It means flights can run their operation during adverse weather (overcast, cloudy conditions, etc.) It is considered more secure than VFR.

Pokhara International Airport opened up on January 1st, 2023. Before making international flights, its prospects have been marred by the historically tragic Yeti Plane crash while the question over its environmental suitability still lingers.

Airline companies such as Buddha, Yeti, Saurya, etc. have been boarding flights from the airport.  

The airport is built at the cost of Rs 22 billion taken from the Exim Bank of China.

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